My Wedding

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

dinner update

Alhamdulillah today i manage to find a suitable venue for our engagement...but unfortunately i wont be able to name the place yet, because I'm only going to confirm with them tmrw...but inshaAllah once everything is done i will reveal everything...

as for the makeup, i decided to do it myself..because i actually have a gone for a few makeup courses because before this i wanted to be a makeup artist..also this would save me some money, I'll just make full use of everything i have learnt in the knowing habib, he always prefers me with my natural look just a simple do would be sufficient....

(gambar sekadar hiasan, though this would be my ideal engagement dinner set up) picture taken from here

The concept of my engagement is of course different than our norm. We have kept our guest list to only 15 adults and 2 kids...hehehe...which is actually just both our families...engagement to us would be a time where both families get to know each other and discuss on wedding stuff, so we figured what not a better way to do it, with an intimate dinner...

after finishing our brainstorming session, we shall adjourn inshaAllah to an appropriate place to sarung my ring by habibs mother...

as for our attire, i seriously haven't decided on what to wear...waiting for Habib to send me his baju melayu (which is tmrw i hope), and i will somehow find something to match it (benefits of having 3 sisters and a mother with all similar size, SHARING BAJU..)

May all our planning goes pleasantly InshaAllah...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

suggestions needed pleeeease...asap....

salam my kind readers...

since we are having the engagement in 4 days inshaAllah, I was wondering if anybody knows a hotel or villa or a restaurant or anything something similar to carcosa seri has a private launge so i can sarung my cincin there...

so far somebody suggested jeumpa d ramo in there anywhere else that u guys knw off??

Friday, September 25, 2009

wedding dress teaser..updated

Eid mubarrak everyone...alhamdulillah i just got back yesterday from both my kampungs and raya was will be uploaded when i get a new memory card reader..

anyhow since raya pics still cant be uploaded so i shall upload teaser pictures of my wedding outfit...i only have my nikah and sanding baju...i forgot to take picture of my tandang baju (that one is in champagne)

This is my nikah lace...but of course it will be worn with white satin..not the black/white batik at the background....for my nikah attire, I'm actually partly using my sisters nikah outfit...since we are the same size and body saves a lot of money and I'm only wearing it for nikah session at the mosque....inshaAllah..My sanding material...when i choose it, alot of people was very worried because of how simple it is (design only at the border for the baju. the rest is plain chiffon)...but i loved it......when they opened the material i straight away fell in love with it...well it actually wouldn't be so much of a problem if i wanted to do a proper wedding dress...but i insisted on a kurung modern....I have always preferred myself in kurung than kebaya, so no matter what people say i do not want to wear a kebaya for my on my wedding body shape does not suit a kebaya......

and to make matters worst..i do not want a train nor a long veil for any of my wedding baju..mum put her foot down and said no dragging anything, since there is a hadith sahih that supports that i reluctantly pretty much it does sound more like a baju nikah then a sanding attire..

finally my designer drew a design that i really liked....he will play with beadings and layers of materials instead....1st fitting will be in 2 months inshaAllah...can't wait

p/s: secretly i do feel sometimes that my wedding dress is too simple..but when i see other brides wedding outfits...i always seem to love the nikah outfits more than reception...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Upacara batalkan wudu'

Shasha asked an interesting question, about wudu' during nikah...

This is my opinioin from the survey that i have done...Wudu' is not part of the rukun with wudu' or without your nikah will be sah don't worry so much....I think the issue nak pakai gloves should be more because male & female (non mahram) touching and issue aurat...and we all know the hukum for that..kan kan???

but no worries, there are male makeup artist yg understand, so all application they use brush x fingers and i have seen ayang kamell (not so sure) makeup with gloves...

While talking about this topic i wanted to talk about upacara membatalkan wudu'

husband and wife touch wudu' batal ke???

most Malaysians will say that touching woman/man breaks wudu’ even if one does not have desire or lust...i grew up thinking the same thing..but why???

Because our prophet Rasulullah SAW, never said that unless kalau the touch has effect on the nafsu then yes batal..but if its just terkena or terpijak or setakat a normal kiss that does not lead to any nafsu... no problem..infact ada hadith yg back up to show that he did touch his wife in wudu'

Narrated Abu Salama: 'Aisha the wife of the Prophet said, "I used to sleep in front of Allah's Apostle and my legs were opposite his Qibla and in prostration(sujud) he pushed my legs and I withdrew then and when he stood, I stretched them.' 'Aisha added, "In those days the houses were without lights." (hadith Bukhari Book #8, Hadith #379)

Another hadith narrated by `A’ishah (may Allah be pleased with her) as recorded in the Musnad of Imam Ahmad states that the Prophet (SAW) used to kiss `A’ishah (may Allah be pleased with her) and then go to pray at the masjid without renewing his ablution(wudu').

It is clear from this evidence that touching those women/men whom Allah SWT allows us to have contact with does not break our wudu’.

If touching one’s wife breaks wudu’ the Prophet SAW would have told the people about it, and it would have been famous among the Companions of the Prophet SAW. NO Companion of the Prophet SAW has been reported to have renewed his wudu’ upon touching his wife or another woman, and there is no single hadith from the Prophet Muhammad SAW to support that.

p/s:but if any reader,that has found a stronger hadith that says otherwise, please kindly e-mail me...

Monday, September 14, 2009


suddenly my blog was privatised dahlah to author only...maybe because last weekend my 7 month old nephew was busy banging my laptop..hehehe...

thanks to yaya for noticing it..

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wedding according to the Quran and Hadeeth Rasulullah SAW‏


Here are some raugh guidelines on how our prophet SAW guided us on weddings in Islam..Allahu Akhbar...

1) Choose the right partner: 'men can choose women because of their wealth, position, beauty and agama,if utamakan the agama, thus u will profit from it' hadith bukhari and Muslim. 'as for the women, if comes a guy with good iman and akhlak, then marry him' hadith tarmidzi, hadis hasan(baik) menurut al-Albaniy.

2) Akad nikah at a suitable place. Paling afdal is in Masjid (but take note that women in mentruation(inclusive of bride and guests) are not allowed in the praying area, corridor/hall is allowed though). 'pukullah kompang' Hadis (hassan a.k.a good) ahmad and Tarmidzi

3) No such thing as hantaran is yes if u dont hv anough money ITS OK not to have hantaran. If ada rezeki by all means (but don't forget to be humble because we if niat to riya', riya' hukum is syirik. The only thing that is WAJIB in nikah is the MAHAR(mas kahwin) firman Allah SWT in surrah al nisaa ayat no 4.(refer to alquran). the amount of the mas kahwin is determined by both the future bride and grooms family. The less burden the guy gets from collecting the mahar, the more Allah s.w.t will berkat the marriage, (refer to hadith sahih Iman Ahmad) also (hadith muslim, al-hakim, & ibnu Majah :- 'sebaik-baik mas kahwin ialah mas kahwin yang paling mudah dan ringan'

4) Give out Favours during nikah, Rasullulah SAW galakkan us to give out manisan ex:dates(kurma) during the nikah

5) Isytiharkan ur nikah kepada as many poeple as you can, so we dont create any fitnah.

6) As for the walimah, in Islam it says that 'adakanlah majlis walimah walaupun dengan seekor kambing' hadith muslim, clearly here shows that even those who don't have that much money still can afford to get married. & yes, for those with more rezeki, having wedding in hotels, halls, is still allowed in Islam, as long as your niat is not to menunjuk-nunjuk, Para tetamu has both the rich and the poor.'Rasulullah SAW says:- the worst of walimah is those who only invited the rich, and forgetting the poor' hadith bukhari and Muslim.
And hindarkan segala adat yang against Islam esp those came from other religion and culture example. 'Rasulullah SAW says 'anyone yang menyerupai adat suatu kaum, maka that person will termasuk dalam that kaum', hadith Ahmad and Abu Daud.( now this can be a big sin if the adat we are following is amongst the non believer)

7) It's Sunnah for the guests to congratulate the newlywed

8) Malam pertama, solat jemaah together (solat wajib and solat sunat) for Allah SWT will berkat a marriage when it starts the right way.

This are the only 8 things needed for a muslim there is no such thing as kahwin nowadays is expensive, It will only be mahal if u want it to be mahal (life is all about choices). Allah s.w.t has made things so simple for everyone. It is up to us whether we want to follow the simple way. Marriage is sangat digalakkan in Islam, so I don't think we should go around telling people how expensive wedding is nowadays and how hard it is to do it.Why not instead, show people how in Islam we don't need to do things the hard way.

I went to 2 weddings 2007, the brides came from very rich families (who had their own private jet,helicopter, private yatch and many2 cars)... 1 wedding they spent RM5k total, the other one was below RM20k, after realizing there is so much more in life than just a huge grand wedding. One of them decided to give the rest of the money to the pakistan earthquake victims instead. InsyaAllah the good deed they did was accepted and rewarded by Allah s.w.t.

Monday, September 7, 2009

wedding cake

Seeing that I'm a very simple person, of course i would choose a very simple wedding cake...ohhh i love it so much....from the tray to the colour of the cake to the flower....and of course i have no doubt Gateaux can make something like this...
just exquisite

Friday, September 4, 2009

A reminder of a split second can change everything..

Yesterday, the day after I arrived home from Aussie ( i will upload pics after this entry), my Brother in-law had a call from his mum saying that his grandma dah nazak, so he rushed from work head straight to sis couldn't follow coz she is heavily pregnant (due next month inshaAllah)...otw at KM 192, he lost control of the car and skidded and the car over turned (terbalik) and langgar the railing kat middle of the highway..railing penetrated through the car and missed my brother by inches...

MashaAllah because airbag came out + he was wearing the seat belt + he made doa before & during the journey, he survived....he called my sis straight away, she called all of and my mum rushed to melaka jasin balai polis...he was waiting there...when i first saw him I nak nangis to see him, but i had to be strong ( all this reminded me of the 2 accidents last year where i lost 2 friends, one of them was one of my closest bestfriend, this 2 accidents made me realise that i should become a better Muslim because life is really not that long, and we never know when our ajal is...)...his eye had bleeding from the impact of the airbag+crash+sunglasses he was wearing....he had scratches here and there...nasib baik the polis at jasin very baik...called tokio marine and the settled the tow truck to bring the car back to KL...while we were at the police station, got a call saying the grandma passed away....from Allah swt we are from and to Allah SWT we return....may Allah SWT forgive all her sins and make her amongst Muslims in Jannah...Ameen

as for us, we rushed back took my brother to damansara specialist...eye specialist checked his eye and neurosurgeon check his brain...alhamdulillah all is good, eye will take a month to heal...brain will take 1 week to settle down ( he feels like nak muntah, dr said because the brain was shaken to much by the overturning of the car))...the only thing is his neck fractured sikit from the now he is on a neck brace...but inshaAllah all wound will heal...just every now and then, he will feel the pain...

our car was a total lost..memang takda harapan nak repair...
mama looking at the damage,but its more important that my brother is ok..

The only small problem we had was with insurance because the car is under my dads name..but after they called my dad and settled everything, alhamdulillah all good esp because my brother was driving within the speed limit...because of the maximum insurance and that the car is fully paid, all claims inshaAllah will go they have to think of what new car to buy, all of us of course said, just get another japanese car again...
all I can say is I shukur Allah SWT spared his life for my sister, my nephew and future niece coming in October(inshaAllah)..
reminder to everyone, please drive safely, i know its not cool to follow the rules, but it prevents us from accidents...inshaAllah...get maximum insurance and take loan the shortest time u can afford......