My Wedding

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Feb 2014

It was four years ago when this happenend.. 

This moment, beautifuly captured,

 The first man that i love and my rock, my father, passing the responsibility to the the man that accepted me despite my flaws, the man that has seen my best and my worst, the man that showed me a whole new meaning of life, my husband...

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Finally im blogging again

I cannot believe its been a year since i last blogged..

What happened was, alhamdulilah i got  pregnant..

But sadly my morning sickness this time
was worst then my first pregnancy.. I was admitted in the hospital twice for dehydration.. Ya Allah, just thinking about it pun i dah phobia...

Finally after 5 months, then i started enjoying my pregnancy..

Suddenly my husband had to be transferred for work to a country far far away..

When he left, i was very sad, coz it all happened so fast. And he left me heavily pregnant....alhamdulillah for family support.. I cant thank my family,my inlaws  and my close friends enough for helping me and ariz

Another trial period for me was my husband could only come back when i was 39 weeks...and i was so scared i would go in labour before he could   come back..

Allah SWT knows best...

I doa everyday and Allah SWT answered my prayers.... Alhamdulillah i gave "birth" safely to a beautiful baby girl.. And im soooo glad adam was around at the time.

Pantang period was super super challenging.. Hubby had to leave 2 days after i was discharged.. And i had another cser.. 😢😢😢😢.. Dont worry i will have a special post about it.. Coz im tired of people thinking i had a csect to make my life easy.. Really?? Urgh!!  

Baby girl at day 1...

Our first family photo.. 

Hahahah.. For fun i did not put a close up.. Still very fat from the pregnancy..