My Wedding

Monday, June 29, 2009

Memories of the past...

Post was removed due to unavoidable circumstances...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wedding hall...booked

We booked the wedding hall a few weeks ago actually, but finally i found a nice picture of the hall. Unfortunately i lost the blog link This is a picture of an aqiqah actually, baby throne done by Pak Abu.

For every wedding in my family, Alhamdulillah my father has manage to put money aside for all of us with an equal amount (hey is tanggungjawab of every Muslim father to provide for his children's wedding). Alhamdulillah for myself, i manage to find a hall + food that is only 1/3 the price of our family previous weddings but in my opinion is equally nice, meaning the rest of the budget i can use for all of my other expenses...

Today me and habib did the rough calculation, and I'm really glad that I do not have to touch my savings.....We had to sacrifice something though, so that's why we decided not to do. Walaubagaimanapun habib is still needs to use his savings to buy the rings, pay mas kahwin & wang hantaran and honeymoon (hehehe...what can i do, it's his duty to provide all this for me). I'm so glad I'm a muslim, i love how women are protected and very much spoilt by it, provided that we marry someone with Iman....

Monday, June 22, 2009


End of May, we celebrated my nephew's 2nd birthday. We ordered cuppies with many diff mode of transportation, because he is obsess with planes, cars and esp helicopters......

The cupcakes were absolutely lovely as always...we LOVE them...We took Gateaux again for the 4th time, this time to do my brother's wedding cupcakes...can't wait to see what they come up with...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pameran Pengantin

Today we visited our first pameran pengantin at ampang point. Habib yg at first so malas to go, finally he had the most opinion about everything. That makeup not nice, the pelamin over, baju colour tak cantik...heheehe but i know he only wants the best. Overall we purchase nothing, but saja je nak survey2.

After looking at some of the Baju kahwin, i began to realise that all the ones that i like are designer baju like man kajang, rizalman and butik cosry. Man kajang cantik, but ramai sgt buat from him. Rizalman and butik cosry, so cantik but tak berani try coz i'm sure its very mahal. Does anybody know how much roughly kalau nak beli/rent from them? or any suggestions on upcoming designer yg cutting baju dia cantik but tak mahal sangat. Sorry sebab i also have never been involved in the fashion world....i heard Hatta Dolmat cantik..but again i wonder how much they cost.hmmmm

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Finally, my first entry.....

I've been meaning to start since I got hooked on reading other blogs.

When i first told Habib (not his real name) he was shocked, because he knows how lacking my knowledge is with Internet and computer stuff. But hey, we have to start somewhere.

My wedding Journey

I've been helping/planning weddings for a few years now, at last I'm doing it for my own.

At first I wanted the whole big sha---bam, but after many weddings that I've been too, I always ask myself Is it worth spending all our money and savings or take a personal loan for a function that only last for a day?

After discussing it with Habib, we decided to keep it simple yet elegant and save our money for a big honeymoon (and he thinks i don't know this, but also so he can buy his dream car).