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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Winter wear for rental


I have my sons winter wear that I'm renting out, anybody interested just email me at

Suitable for boys from 1-3 yrs old.. I'll be renting out my jacket as well.. Will upload the pics soon...Jackets are from winter time and universal traveller...

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Let's boycott

We cant help them fight the war..but we can always help by making dua and stop funding the bad people..stop funding the war..stop giving money to them..stop helping them to kill the muslims.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

D format cabinet


I've been wanting to do a review on my kitchen cabinet, finally I manage to take a picture of it...

But my phone camera quality is not so good, so sorry...

Anyway I will start with the good points first...

Alhamdulillah...I love the installers... They were amazing and they were very nice... He did all the work very well and he installed it very carefully.. They even helped me rearrange my cabinet arrangements, to a more practical arrangement..

The bad-

I choose d format because the price was reasonable and I liked the sales person very much. It all started very well at first... The problem started when I started to questioned her design.. I'm a very practical person, so I choose practicality over beauty.. So when I wanted to change things according to how I wanted it, I could see that she was annoyed and she started to Malas handle my cabinet...
Simple things like I don't want to put my oven in the cabinet, but she kept on insisting its a new design, and that everybody is doing it... But I've seen cabinets getting spoilt because of the heat of the oven, so I didn't want my oven in the cabinet...

Also she was extremely annoyed when I wanted to install my own tabletop. I wanted quartz, but d format quartz is very expensive.

When the installers came to install, she didn't even give the PVC carcass that I paid for, then I called her n insisted, then they came with new carcass.

A lot of her measurements were wrong, so my washing machine and fridge cannot fit in the cabinet, so the installers told me to just don't install the cabinet,

.... so I wasted money paying for cabinets I didn't even instal.. Alhamdulillah I still love the end results of my cabinets..

The drawer and cabinet location pun salah, my installer changed the arrangement to a more suitable arrangement for cooking, I'm so glad he changed it...

Lastly the price that I paid in the end is the same price that signature kitchen quoted me... I had to upgrade the quality to get a similar feel to my mother in laws signature kitchen cabinets.. Last2 I paid the same price..

Over all, I would not go to d format again. Only the first quotation is cheap.. But when u upgrade things like Blum hinges, PVC carcass, aluminum caping, rubber to absorb the closing of the cabinets..then all the kitchen company is similar price.

But I still have to point out that they gave me a really good installer...alhamdulillah.