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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Muslim husband and wife intimacy

Salam girls,

Alhamdulillah my bestie e-mailed this to me...hehehe..and i figured why not i share it with everyone....

Finally, the topic of intimacy from Muslim teachers delivered in a halal manner.

The topic is: Muslim Husband/Wife intimacy.

What: Sh.Yasir Qadhi is doing a series of 10 emails on Marriage intimacy

Where: Via email, you can sign up at

Who: Sh.Yasir Qadhi

Due to the explicit nature of this topic, only 17 or older may sign up.

When: Emails are starting shortly, and you'll receive and additional email of his on this topic each week.

Why: Read sh.Yasir's explanation at

With best wishes to see you succeed at the highest level


papaYA said...

I've joined :)

My Journey said...

yaya, kan i think this would be an interesting topic for us to learn.inshaAllah...

* Nat Azmi * said...

thank u for sharing darling ;)