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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


a few weeks ago, baby boy was not first his cousins batuk2, n then me and my sisters pulak jangkit from the kids, n that was when my baby boy also jangkit...its the first time he fell was a saturday... and most clinics tutup because it was birthday agung i think..a public we went around everywhere to find a peadeatrition. finally i rememebered my friend told me at DEMC ada...even on public holidays...

finally, Doc said to admit him, because he got a lot of phlem, but too young to caugh it we did..

and i have to say from the first moment I was very impressed with the service.

we couldn't get a  room kat pead floor coz it was full, but they put us in a room different floor but sebelah the nicu. pead doc came after 2 hours, checked on baby boy..lama jugak..he played with my son all,  i was so lega, dapat a doctor like that..

after that i was engorged, asked the nurse for help, because i didn't bring anything to pump..i dah force baby boy to drink but he didn't want to, he just kept on sleeping..n then nurse came with electric ameada pump, and glass bottles to pump..they gave me 10 bottles..1 bottle 2 oz...and said after pump, can call the nurse, she will keep it in the nicu fridge. sempat bagi the sticker n pen to label lagi. (which btw masa discharged, they said just bring the bottles home)

besides that, they have this thing called hahaTV, where u can purchase for RM10, and ada like 50 movies u can choose from..sadly 25 of those movies is chinese movies..but ada about 25 lagi malay and english the whole day me n hubby tak habis2 tgk movies..but rm 10 boleh tahan 24 hours sahaja..after that u have to pay another rm 10 to get another 24 hours.

food not bad the menu...very specific..senang to understand..n then on top of that, they have room since we all stilll lapar, apa lagi room service jela..price room service also tak mahal. all below RM 30.

doc came they next day..again he check and played with baby boy lama...n then i asked the nurse how to mandi him?? coz i didn't bring bath tab or anything..baju je hubby sempat ambil..n then nurse cakap..its ok, we will mandikan they bathed him...all the nurses asyik main2 n check on him...

nurses service was good, but kalau nak compare to kpj, they are a bit young, so experience kurang sikit...but because the place is new, still quite empty, baby boy got alot of extra kpj hospitals, they are so full n busy..i terkejut demc all of them were so generous

 i had a good terms of service, i was very pleased and happy..

but bilik dia abit small, i wasnt too happy about the size, sbb in the room ada stroller, ada my breastpump(yes the hospital pump sgt besa, ada dia punya own tray tolak2), ada the table makan..dah penuh dah...toilet is very very clean though...price RM 180 for single bedded room.

overall i have to say if i were to be admitted for something not complicated or common sickness i really would recommend DEMC...

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