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Monday, December 27, 2010

cute baby

noah sinclair & Bunga cinta lestari
I found online the baby picture of ashraf sinclair's comel kan mashaAllah??

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Baby checklist

Here i dah kumpul and compile as many things that i can in 1 list, so anybody nak share or add anything, by all means do help me out...

Baby clothes

sleeping suits
hats + caps
recieving blankets
baby shoes
laundry basket


breast pumps
breast milk storage
bottle brush
detergent (bottle cleaner safe for infant)
food warmer/bottle warmer
drying rack (to dry bottles)
breast pads
nipple protector
nursing pillow
an oversized nursing pillow

bottle label
burp cloth/small towel
breast feeding cover

Bath & body care

Baby wipes
bath tub
bath net/sponge (to supposrt baby in the tub)
body wash/shampoo
nail grooming set
minyak telon
lotion / organic virgin coconut oil (good alternative to lotion..less chemicals)
cotton bud
cotton/cotton balls (to clean baby)
cornstarch powder (safe to use for babies, unlike normal powder that has talc in it)
pureen so far is the only cornstarch powder that i know off

nappy liners
changing mat
clothes detergent (infant safe)
nasal spray / aspirator (incase baby has a nose block)
hair grooming set
baby box (something like a tool box to put all the body care -easy for travelling/better way to organise)

Bedding & nursery

Baby cot
changing table (good to avoid backache)
mattress protector
baby pillows
bed sheet
baby cupboard
night light
baby monitor

Travel system & misc. items

Diaper bag ( to put all baby stuff when i'm out and travelling)
stroller fan (suitable for our hot weather)
car seat
BUMBO (it has many great reviews from mums)

baby carrier/baby warp/baby sling (i fully recommend moby wrap)

moby wrap- suitable from newborn

car sun shade
head & neck support for stroller/car seat
cold pack ( for baby milk/baby food)
travelling changing mat
baby bouncers/baby swing

Sunday, December 12, 2010

CORRECTION!!! (sticky post)

Please look at the photo above...the entry i did on wedding shoes to give away, i accidently typed salah email address..but alhamdulillah some of you did still send it to my sabsabby22@

sadly i have annouched the winner, but if any of you did hantar to, please res-send to i will think if something else to give away, since it is my fault...


6th month update...

since i'm in my 6th month alhamdulillah, I've decided to compile a hopefully complete list of things that is needed for the newborn baby base on a few list i went through online, and my sisters personal experience. Hopefully tak tinggal apa-apa...hehehe...hopefully i will update it in my next entry
Baby bump at 5 months, nanti hopefully i will update baby bump picture at 6 months pulak..hehe..inshaAllah....

Yes indeed, that is my bump at 5 months....ramai orang commented that is quite besar..but alhamdulillah baby is normal size, i guess it's my keturunan to have big tummmy, because my sister pun stomach big like me but baby keluar 2.8 kgs alhadmulillah.

weight pulak, i have gained so much...a few days ago i did my 6th month check up, i've gained about 11kgs total...but hari tu, masa 1st trimester i lost 5 kgs, so actually kalau ikut original weight i've only gained 6kgs. but still dalam 8 weeks to gain 6kgs is very fast..

ohh and guess what.....

The funny story is that, during my 4th month and 5th month check up, every time the doc check, the baby is in shy position, and somehow the Dr. could not see the "little birdie".  so he would say, ok, maybe you are having a girl, we will confirm again next month...but me being me, of course i dah tell my family all excited we are having a girl..hehhee....

but finally at our 6th month check up, ohh he was is a beautiful position where we saw the "little birdie" very the doc said, this time if wrong, doc will give me free labor/delivery...hehhee...but it was pretty clear inshaAllah i hope we have a nice healthy and pleasant baby boy...

as for my pregnancy slowly i cannot sit or stand too long, then my kaki will start bengkak sikit...if jalan-jalan the its ok.... but kalau duduk je lama2 mmg sakit...the other thing is now, cepat sgt i feel panas...its so funny sebab dulu i dont like aircond and sejuk-sejuk

also because my stomach is a bit besar, sleeping pun is getting a bit uncomfortable. i need pillows everywhere...kalau tak my skin feels so stretched and sakit...

i still have my nausea, esp when i drink something wrong. hari tu i wanted to start drinking soya bean, but somehow everytime i minum, i muntah, even after drinking Non-GMO organic soy bean also muntah. plain water pun somehow i still cannot drink. so now i'm just drinking zam zam..alhamdulillah nasib baik musim haji, so very easy to get zam zam...its a bit mahal to buy, but for my baby boy, inshaAllah its all worth it....

so i guess, mmg i'm just one of those mum-to-me yang nausea sambung throughout my first sister stop at 7 months, and my 2nd sis pulak the whole 9 months pun still have nausea...but i can tell you all one thing, after 4 months the muntah is really not that bad, you just muntah after that can preceed and makan all over again... appetite mmg ada...not like in first trimester, muntah is so teruk that you just cannot eat or drink anything after that...

but other than all the typical small dugaan of pregnancy...i love my baby bump so much...everytime i will ask hubby did my tummy get bigger, i'm just so excited mashaAllah...i know i always pegang-pegang my stomach...hehehe...and my fav part is of course the baby the baby kick so much (boys will be boys), I always put the remote control on my tummy, so my anak sedara can see the remote moving when the baby kicks..hehehe...they get so excited mashaAllah...

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Emma k chocolates

One of the vendor that i belum mention regarding my wedding is Emma K.

we hired them to do our wedding favors for me and my sisters wedding reception..MashaAllah i can say i was very very happy with their service. Trust me girls, they were very professional. at first I went to their butique at Bangsar village 2 to inquire about the chocolates and quotation. and then they said come back 1 month before our wedding.

so 2 months(because i rasa 1 month last minute sgt) before the wedding, i went to bangsar village 2, tgk2 the kedai dah tutup...OMG we really panicked because i really didn't have plan B. we went home went straight to the website, and called them. and then the Kakak said, ohh we have moved to empire at subang jaya but their main office is still in damansara perdana. so we went to damansara perdana office, choose our design and within 10 mins they gave me a mock up design of the wrapper and the thank you tag that i wanted. yes, believe me when i say they are very professional mashaAllah. and balik showed my parents, they were happy, terus we paid booking fee. 

and true enough as they promised, 1 week before the wedding day, the chocolates dah siap.

now most of you must be worried about price right?? trust me it's not as mahal as everyone think it is.... they charge me RM 3.xx for one chocolate bar. Chocolate is by cadbury, + custom made thank you tag and emma k elegant wrapper design. 

sadly our photographer tak ambil the pictures of the wedding favors :( tsk tsk...and by 3pm all the chocolates dah habis, all the guests yang datang lambat semua tak dapat. we pun miscalculated, we expected 800 guests, but 1200 came (nasib baik the hotel had enough food), alhamdulillah.

The ones we ordered was something similar to this but it was in pink and pale gold ribbon