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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Baby checklist

Here i dah kumpul and compile as many things that i can in 1 list, so anybody nak share or add anything, by all means do help me out...

Baby clothes

sleeping suits
hats + caps
recieving blankets
baby shoes
laundry basket


breast pumps
breast milk storage
bottle brush
detergent (bottle cleaner safe for infant)
food warmer/bottle warmer
drying rack (to dry bottles)
breast pads
nipple protector
nursing pillow
an oversized nursing pillow

bottle label
burp cloth/small towel
breast feeding cover

Bath & body care

Baby wipes
bath tub
bath net/sponge (to supposrt baby in the tub)
body wash/shampoo
nail grooming set
minyak telon
lotion / organic virgin coconut oil (good alternative to lotion..less chemicals)
cotton bud
cotton/cotton balls (to clean baby)
cornstarch powder (safe to use for babies, unlike normal powder that has talc in it)
pureen so far is the only cornstarch powder that i know off

nappy liners
changing mat
clothes detergent (infant safe)
nasal spray / aspirator (incase baby has a nose block)
hair grooming set
baby box (something like a tool box to put all the body care -easy for travelling/better way to organise)

Bedding & nursery

Baby cot
changing table (good to avoid backache)
mattress protector
baby pillows
bed sheet
baby cupboard
night light
baby monitor

Travel system & misc. items

Diaper bag ( to put all baby stuff when i'm out and travelling)
stroller fan (suitable for our hot weather)
car seat
BUMBO (it has many great reviews from mums)

baby carrier/baby warp/baby sling (i fully recommend moby wrap)

moby wrap- suitable from newborn

car sun shade
head & neck support for stroller/car seat
cold pack ( for baby milk/baby food)
travelling changing mat
baby bouncers/baby swing


Masy Rahman said...

hi sabby !

maybe u can add on breastfeed nursing cover ;) its very useful when u have to breastfeed in public. Try look at , they have cute design tho.

And now i saw people using breastfeed nursing hat. ;)

and one more , baby travel backpack , it is very efficient.But then, try search for Okkatots Travel Baby Depot Bag.

till then , good luck sabby !

AyureQ said...

Sab make sure you prepare BM bottles and Bpad byk2.. BM bottles plg penting sbb baby at early age kurg menyusu but our BM akan byk debomm.. so masa tu nak buat stock byk2... heh

Little BlueBird said...

for recieving blanket..try cari muslin material...long term bole guna.. i beli bumble bee..panas...dan kejap jer guna...i beli kat mothercare ( JJ Cole )....sampai sekarang guna...yang penting senang nak wrap!

Little BlueBird said...

Btw..u nak beli breastpump ape? My opinion beli kat first few years..murah..or macam i beli kat kena risky bit on warranty la..

[ Hanie ] said...

seronok bile tgk list ni..dulu mine pun, duk excited bile duk buat segan nak reveal kat blog, hehe. ohh baru tau about the bedak pureen...slama ni tak prasan pun huu

K-Baby said...

Seems like your list is rather complete...I do sell some cheap items listed above, kalau rajin visit la my blog k. Btw minta izin link blog u ya!

hani mohd said...

burt's bees has cornstarch baby powder as well. do check them out! :)

K-Baby said...

Hi Mommy,
Let's win cute slogan tees for your kids in conjunction with our blog launch!

dell said...

hi sab! alhamdulillah, dah preggie awak. rasa mcm baru je dulu deal dgn u kan hehe. btw dah brp bulan dah?

i hari tu prepare baby stuff start dari 4 bulan preggie but i bought important things first like car seat, breast pump n stroller kat UK sbb murah 50% dari KL price. if u have relatives there u can ask for their help to bring back for u.

btw bedak baby tu jgn pakai lagi awal2.. lepas sebulan baru bagi baby pakai tau sbb tak elok sgt (nurse i la cakap).

if u need any advice u can always ask me. alhamdulillah my son dah 68 hari dah :D

belogmummy said...

soo xcited!!!

anyway, gudluck!!

My Journey said...

masy:yay thanks for the reminder..nasib baik, i actually forgot..

ayureQ: thanks for advice dear...

hanna: yes nasib baik you informed me bumble bee panas...baru nak beli..nanti i will find the muslin ones, are they the ones yg brown sikit tu?? oh yes the first few years murah kan...we dah dapat the "very important parents' card.hhehe...semangat k..

hani: betul sebb talc ni very dangerous...ia buat dari asbestos, poisonous.

My Journey said...

k-baby: alright will visit your blog

hani: thanks i never knew, at least now got 2 options...kat mother care i found tapioca powder, but ya Allah mahal nya..botol kecik tu RM 50...

dell:kan..alhamdulilah now dah 7 months..hehhee..hari tu i went UK but tak beli apa2 pun...1st trimester lagi, so we all pun decided not to buy...but alhamdulillah nasib baik my sisters bagi byk barang..alhamdulillah your son dah besar dah...time passes by so fast..

belogmummy: alhamdulillah, thank you...

♥ dak pink said...

salam sab. ai copy baby checklist u ni ea. xde experience lah & xde kakak2 nak refer. so, i refer kat ur checklist ni je ye to guide ai beli baby thingy. tq =)