My Wedding

Monday, November 8, 2010

wedding shoes to give away

salam all...

remember this post i did on my wedding shoes??

well finally i'm uploading the picture here, just to share with readers on the shoes i wore masa my wedding

anyway i was thinking of giving the shoes away for absolutely free to a lucky reader...yes you got me right, absolutely free, as long as your kaki muat shoes size 5....and you larat wear 4 inch heels...

but before that i have to inform, i wore the shoes the whole day masa wedding, and we did outdoor photoshoot as well, so it's not completely in a brand new condition....but it still looks good....

for anybody who is interested all you have to do is e-mail to me and tell why u deserve the shoes less than 200 words k..hehehe nanti penat nak baca...the most touching story that captures my heart will get the shoe..inshaAllah... ...please email me the story to by 30th NOV 2010.