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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Finally im blogging again

I cannot believe its been a year since i last blogged..

What happened was, alhamdulilah i got  pregnant..

But sadly my morning sickness this time
was worst then my first pregnancy.. I was admitted in the hospital twice for dehydration.. Ya Allah, just thinking about it pun i dah phobia...

Finally after 5 months, then i started enjoying my pregnancy..

Suddenly my husband had to be transferred for work to a country far far away..

When he left, i was very sad, coz it all happened so fast. And he left me heavily pregnant....alhamdulillah for family support.. I cant thank my family,my inlaws  and my close friends enough for helping me and ariz

Another trial period for me was my husband could only come back when i was 39 weeks...and i was so scared i would go in labour before he could   come back..

Allah SWT knows best...

I doa everyday and Allah SWT answered my prayers.... Alhamdulillah i gave "birth" safely to a beautiful baby girl.. And im soooo glad adam was around at the time.

Pantang period was super super challenging.. Hubby had to leave 2 days after i was discharged.. And i had another cser.. 😢😢😢😢.. Dont worry i will have a special post about it.. Coz im tired of people thinking i had a csect to make my life easy.. Really?? Urgh!!  

Baby girl at day 1...

Our first family photo.. 

Hahahah.. For fun i did not put a close up.. Still very fat from the pregnancy.. 

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