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Monday, January 9, 2012

Project paraniod mummy baby proofing my bedroom

Yes u read it right. Im really paranoid with safety issues,which my mum has reminded me time & time again... I have to be yakin with the power of doa...astaghfirullah.....May Allah SWT bless me by strengthening my iman and all us muslim brothers n sisters

So anyway today alhamdulillah i have fix those alphabet mats all over my room floor. Padding just incase baby boy slip n fall.

I need to buy just a little bit more to filll in the whole room floor.

Yay now baby boy has more freedom to play.


AmyMizzunderstood said...

hehe ur baby dah besar kan sabby!!noty tak??

dialicious said...

sab where did u but the mat?i bought in jj rm27 for 10 pieces.d u knw anywhere cheaper than this/

AzweenAzman said...

yes,dear...this mat mmg sgt useful...i x beli dulu,coz i already have a thick carpet...but later on i realized,mmg perlu lah ada mat ni..they will learn abc too..

Anonymous said...

I would like to ask..where did u buy the alphabet mat? is it available online? thanks.

Riena said...

i bought colorfull ABC for my baby too..hehe same .and my baby boy also 9 months.

Dulu Gadis, Kini Mama said...

eh, your baby dah 9 month!
rase macam baru semalam baru your wedding review!

captain_zed said...

salam Aunt Sab, thanx for the super cool idea=)